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Our Senior Certified Aircraft Appraisers perform aircraft appraisals around the globe. Our Appraisers calculate aircraft values using market data, aircraft condition, inspection status, statistics, and recent sales. We are incredibly well-versed in the aircraft sales industry and aware of actual selling prices. With detail-oriented appraisal specialists, you will see tangible evidence of accuracy in our appraisal reports. Certified Aircraft Appraisers Association members can not simply join the CAAA. Members are all Senior Certified Aircraft Appraisers with verified experience and background in this industry. Those who qualify are recommended and then voted in following a screening process. Clients have the confidence that the Appraiser assigned to their project will deliver accurate information and professional service.

Who Needs An Aircraft Appraisal?


The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice is published and maintained by the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) of the Appraisal Foundation, a non-governmental entity charged by Congress with promulgating appraisal standards.

The purpose of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) is to promote and maintain a high level of public trust in appraisal practice by establishing requirements for Appraisers.

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The USPAP manual is over 300 pages long, but here are the main points of interest:
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Our appraisals are always CONFIDENTIAL. The report and appraisal value will only be disclosed to the client.


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Find out what your aircraft is actually worth.

Aircraft Buyers:  Usually interested in Market Value, or Fair Market Value.
Banks: Need to know the Fair Market Value, and sometimes Orderly Liquidation Value of an aircraft.
Insurance Companies: Require aircraft appraisals to determine Diminution in Value.

An aircraft appraisal isn’t just a fancy report filled with photos, stats, and narratives. The appraisal shouldn’t exist simply to confirm the requested value by the client or to match the target value of the bank loan. An appraisal that is simply derived from a valuation software isn’t ideal either.  

The very definition of Fair Market Value is the “price that a willing buyer will pay a willing seller for an asset while having a reasonable knowledge of pertinent facts and neither party acting under any compulsion to do business”

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The Appraisal Foundation is the foremost authority on the valuation profession in the United States. They set congressionally authorized standards and qualifications for real estate appraisers as well as qualifications for personal property appraisers and provides voluntary guidance on recognized valuation methods and techniques for all professional appraisers. Because of them, appraisals are independent, consistent, and objective.

The foundation is directed by a Board of Trustees (BOT) and are headquartered in Washinton, D.C.  The Foundation also ensures that the profession adapts to changing circumstances and progresses through the work of its two independent boards: the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) and the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB).

Background & History

In the year 1986, nine leading appraisal organizations in the US and Canada formed an Ad Hoc Committee on the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) in response to the crisis in the savings and loan industry.  In 1987, the Committee established the Foundation with plans to implement USPAP as the generally accepted set of value appraisal standards in the United States. These organizations recognized the importance of ensuring that appraisals are based upon established standards.

In 1989, Congress enacted the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act (FIRREA), authorizing the Foundation as the source of appraisal standards and qualifications.  The Foundation is not a membership organization you can join but rather is composed of other organizations. Today, with Sponsoring Organizations and Advisory Councils, close to one hundred organizations, corporations and government agencies are affiliated with the Foundation.


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