About the CAAA

Individuals and other appraisers can not simply join the CAAA, or become members. Members are all Senior Certified Aircraft Appraisers with verified experience and background in this industry.

Our Senior Certified Aircraft Appraisers conduct thorough appraisals worldwide, demonstrating both deep knowledge and meticulous adherence to CAAA standards. With extensive experience in aviation sales, maintenance, and operations, we stand as the premier choice for aircraft appraisals.

At CAAA, our mission is to deliver unparalleled appraisal value reports to financial institutions, as well as private buyers and sellers of aircraft, on a global scale.

Aircraft Appraisals on Jets & Piston Airplanes

VLJ’s – Very Light Jets

Very Light Jets (VLJ) are classified as small four seat jets in the private jet market and…


Light Jets

Light Jets are designed for efficiency and speed on short to medium-range flights. Typically…


Mid-Size Jets

Mid-size jets represent a category of business aircraft that offer a balanced blend of…


Super Mid-Size Jets

A class of aircraft that bridge the gap between mid-size jets and large jets, offering superior…


Heavy Jets

Distinguished by their large cabin space, extended range, and ability to carry more passengers…


Ultra-Long-Range Heavy Jets

Offering the extensive range, comfort, and luxury. These aircraft typically have a maximum…


Executive Airliners

Transforming commercial airliners into opulent spaces tailored for the highest-end travelers…


Single Piston Aircraft

Single-Piston-Aircraft Appraisals

These aircraft are powered by a single piston engine and typically accommodate one to six…


Twin Piston Aircraft

A class of light general aviation aircraft equipped with two piston engines, which provide…


Exceptional Aircraft Appraisals

The Certified Aircraft Appraiser’s Association (CAAA) excels in aircraft appraisals due to its rigorous appraiser training, adherence to USPAP standards, and commitment to continuous education. These factors ensure accurate, current valuations and comprehensive reports that support clients across the aviation industry, making CAAA a leader in its field.


Decades of experience in the aircraft appraisal industry

Trusted Globally

Clients globally use the CAAA as it has driven value consistently


You can rest well knowing you are getting the best appraisals


Our strict standards ensure the highest quality & value

Who Uses the CAAA?

Banks & Lenders

With financial institutions, certified appraisals are regarded as the definitive form of documentation…

Estate Attorneys & CPAS

For estate attorneys and CPAs, a certified aircraft appraisal is a critical document that underpins…

Aircraft Sellers

For aircraft sellers, obtaining a certified aircraft appraisal is more than just a formality—it’s a…

Aircraft Buyers

For aircraft buyers, navigating the market to determine the appropriate price for a particular…

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