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The Certified Aircraft Appraiser’s Association (CAAA) stands out in the field of aircraft appraisals globally.


Our Senior Certified Aircraft Appraisers perform aircraft appraisals around the globe. Our Appraisers calculate aircraft values using market data, aircraft condition, inspection status, statistics, and recent sales. We are incredibly well-versed in the aircraft sales industry and aware of actual selling prices. With detail-oriented appraisal specialists, you will see tangible evidence of accuracy in our appraisal reports.

Certified Aircraft Appraisers Association members can not simply join the CAAA. Members are all Senior Certified Aircraft Appraisers with verified experience and background in this industry. Those who qualify are recommended and then voted in following a screening process. Clients have the confidence that the Appraiser assigned to their project will deliver accurate information and professional service.

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Impeccable standards & requirements

CAAA appraisers are required to be active in aircraft sales in order to have a real understanding of factors that affect market value-such as popularity of the various aircraft models, typical time on the market for a particular make and model having certain specifications, and other undesirable or desirable factors that aircraft buyers consider that are not covered in VREF, aircraft bluebook, and professional appraiser’s software.

Only a Certified Appraiser who is actively engaged in aircraft sales will understand and consider all factors that affect “Fair Market Value”. To this date, there has never been a dispute of the Fair Market Value calculated by a CAAA Appraiser by any Certified Appraiser from any other Appraisal Organization. Our Certified Aircraft Appraisers always deliver precise aircraft values.

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The Certified Aircraft Appraiser’s Association (CAAA) excels in aircraft appraisals due to its rigorous appraiser training, adherence to USPAP standards, and commitment to continuous education. These factors ensure accurate, current valuations and comprehensive reports that support clients across the aviation industry, making CAAA a leader in its field.


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